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What do i need to know to be an interior painter ?

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I want to know more about what I need to know to become an interior painter. #interior-design #interior

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Eula’s Answer

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Dear Eh M,

I am so glad that you reach out to us with questions.

I love to see blossoming youth, eager to develop in their passions.

As an Interior Designer, I can tell you that every detail matters.

On walls, the clients and everyone who visits a room will notice even the tiny things.

To be an interior Painter is a great responsibility.

First of all the surface, ( in this case vertical) needs to be prepared before it can be painted. Even the smallest flaws will be left exposed in not touched up or repaired.

There are several categories of painters.

1) Those that paint with even paints and install wallpapers or tiles.

2) Those who have artistry and go beyond painting to create wall art with colors on plain surfaces.

2) Those that create textures and patterns on walls.

3) Some even have sculpting talents that create reliefs on flat surfaces. (Basso Relievo, it is called) and is raised etchings on the wall to give it depth.

Which one do you think is the most interesting to you?

The walls are the 3 dimensional enclosures of a room or space. The flat surfaces that create the 3D aspects of a space. The floors are handled by other experts, but the 4 walls and ceilings are handled by the same. Michelangelo for instance, painted the ceiling and walls of the Sistine Chapel in Rome that are still admired today. He was a special type of interior wall painter.

But make no mistake, I an Interior Designer cannot do what these guys do. The physical aspect is demanding, going up and down the ladder or scaffolding is quite a part of the job. But don't worry there are plenty of tools at your disposal. Selection of colors and how they interact with different kinds of light is also part of the expertise of the painter.

It pays well, and I for sure appreciate the finished job. It becomes the canvas in which we are able to complete the room, thus a very important backdrop for Interior Design.

I hope this helps and if you have any more questions, please know that we are all here for you OK.

Let me know if my answer was helpful OK?

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