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Lewis May 18 255 views

Why is psychology a career that is being underestimated yet it should be given a priority?

Students at school should be given mental health providers because they as well have different disturbances in their minds and they might be afraid to talk about

Laikan’s Avatar
Laikan Jan 30 799 views

Why is it then when I pick a career I always end up changing my mind about it?

I want to be able to settle on something that contributes to many things I love like art and helping other people.

Lorelai’s Avatar
Lorelai May 16 272 views

Please help me find a Career?

Hi. So I thought about what career do I want for myself for a long time- but I struggle to find one that fit me. I feel like the things that I'm good at, and the things that I often passionate about are quite different- and so I'm a bit lost. I've been wondering, searching and tirelessely...

Jayy’s Avatar
Jayy May 12 262 views

What advice or steps can I take when I experience some setback in my career?

What advice or steps can I take when I experience some setback in my career.

Danina’s Avatar
Danina May 08 356 views

Can I get an interior designer to answer these 10 questions for me?

1. Can you tell me about the types of tasks you are responsible for on a day-to-day basis? 2. What do you enjoy most about your career? 3. What is most challenging about your career? 4. What are some skills and personality traits necessary to perform your job? 5. What are some...

Avijit’s Avatar
Avijit May 08 293 views

How much and Artist been Do they pay good amount of money?

I have lots of experiment with art and digital art. And staying with art topic is good or bad like will it help in future? And about my self I am 16 year old and I am with my art journey when I was 7.

Alexander’s Avatar
Alexander May 06 301 views

What are the things or steps I need to take to be a successful and consistent artist?

What are the things or steps I need to take to be a successful and consistent artist
How do I become one of the most successful artists
Why is it that sometimes I feel discouraged to do what I love that could give me a good career

Brillith’s Avatar
Brillith May 06 286 views

Is it too late for me to go back to school for dental hygiene ?

Hello everyone I feel as though I made a mistake majoring in business administration/management. I’m too far into my degree to change it but I wish I would have majored in dental hygiene is it too late for me to go back to school for dental hygiene I would 25 when I graduate. Is it also...

Jake’s Avatar
Jake Sep 26, 2023 472 views

How hard is it to be a interior designer ?

How is it to become an interior designer and what are some aspects you need to know.

Miracle’s Avatar
Miracle May 02 474 views

What do I need to be a good designer?

I've studied online courses on designing but I feel like it is not enough

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Jun 02, 2015 3477 views

Do interior designers make an above average amount of income?

I am a ninth grader and am looking into careers for the future. I want to be an interior designer but I am afraid that the income won't be good enough to live on. I don't want to chose a job based on income but that part of choosing a job worries me and I want to be sure. #interior-design...

Eh’s Avatar
Eh Mar 15, 2019 698 views

What do i need to know to be an interior painter ?

I want to know more about what I need to know to become an interior painter. #interior-design #interior

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Apr 30 416 views

Why did you choose interior design as a career?

Need help for a project

Walker’s Avatar
Walker Apr 30 388 views

What does a film director do?

How do I start building the skills needed to be a film director?

Tiffany’s Avatar
Tiffany May 12, 2016 985 views

If you could only choose between pursuing a career that has a high salary, or pursuing a career that you always wanted to, which one should you choose and why?

I'm still deciding my major. My parents want me to select a major that would help me acquire a high paying job, however the major I want to go into is not that high paying. #financial-planning #personal-development