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What does it take to become an artist?

I really like #drawing and I'm really good at it too. #artist #artists #art #drawing-skills

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2 answers

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Ron’s Answer

Dear Cambria;
I am interpreting your question to mean: What does it take to have a career as an artist?
You have many choices as to where you might use your talents as an artist. Graphic designer, advertiser, teacher, free lance artist, gallery owner, art therapist, etc. While in school, explore as many different mediums as you can. Research famous artists and living artists in your area. Visit galleries and museums or check them out on the internet if you can't get to one near you. What made them special or successful? Talking with professional artists can give you an idea of what they have done to pursue their goals and how they have been successful and what challenges they may have experienced. Being an artist is not easy but is so rewarding. Consider what your personality is like and how you like to create. Do you like to create alone or in a group? Are you realistic, abstract, impressionistic or other when you do your drawing/art? As you grow as an artist and learn more about what is fulfilling to you and what you want to say with your art, it will help direct you to the career choices that may help you express yourself in those ways. There are many careers to choose from so I suggest you open yourself to opportunities that present themselves to you as you get older. Trying new techniques or using new mediums may be scary or intimidating but try it and it will help you grow as an artist and discover what you are good at and enjoy working with. What do you want to do with your art? Create things to bring beauty to others? Make social statements with your art to help make society better? Help a business become more successful with your art used in advertising or promotions? Use your art in the entertainment business with graphics/ story boards/ costume or scene design?
I majored in art at a liberal arts community college and it introduced me to new mediums and techniques. Many successful artists have received a Bachelor's or Master's degree in art at an art college. That is not a requirement for success but can help in expanding your knowledge and creative foundation for a successful career.
Good luck and wishing you a creative and rewarding journey on becoming an artist.

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Ellen’s Answer

Hi Cambria!

Good question. From working with young artists as an art teacher, I think it takes the following qualities to become an artist:
----Love of art and the processes of making art
----Art talent potential, but a good dose of humility
----Willingness to respect and to learn from your teachers and other students
----Recognition that you can always improve your art skills
----Taking chances with your art and having no fear of making mistakes
----A strong work ethic, even when things aren't going well
----A positive attitude and belief that your hard work will pay off someday
----Keeping an open mind about your art and where you can apply your art
----Being involved in the world around you, don't get glued to your computer, interact with people, and experience new environments.

Maybe this was not the response you were looking for? Sorry. There are lots of avenues for becoming an artist, but the art field can be a tough place, and if you don't have at least some of the above qualities, your talent and abilities will not always be enough. I hope this helps.

Keep drawing and improving your skills!