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What best jobs can i get with a degree in finance .

Asked Denver, Colorado

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Nick’s Answer

Hi Cedric,

Thanks for the question. Below is a link to an article about jobs available with a finance degree:


I started out in the treasury dept at a large chemical company as a treasury clerk. Other Finance graduates go down the financial services route or working in various roles in the finance department at companies or shared services centers. It is a good idea to take some classes in data science such as machine learning, robotic process automation and big data. The finance jobs of the future will demand skills in data science.

Good luck with your career,


BHARGAV’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas


Finance is a very big field, with reach into almost all business decisions. 

A basic search on the web can result in many suggestions,

Here is one such result, 


But, in a broader sense, you divide into few definite fields.

-Investment, Operations, and Forecasting. 

Investment : 

  - Be it the stocks, mutual funds or private funds. Investment decisions are heavily dependent on financial returns and past statistics. 


-These people deal with the allocation of budgets based on internal costs and funding. Also, they work closely with Accounting to work on bookkeeping financial reporting.


-These people work purely for the purpose of future estimations and take risks. Also, the key to funding new ventures or businesses. (Venture Capital, and Investment Banking, etc)

I would suggest you look into the are you would like, then do research about the people in that field.

This will give you a good idea on what kind of job roles you will have based on the specialization and the work that may be interested in.

Best of luck!

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