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What values does companies look for in a person they are hiring

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13 answers

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Parker’s Answer

Some values I have discovered as a millennial worker in business and marketing when I interview at jobs are the following:

1. In addition to showing up on time for work, show up earlier than the time you are required to come to work or work later than you usually get out (as long as manager approves). Show your interviewer that you'll come in early or stay later to help the business achieve their goals.

2. That you are open to learning and training. HUGE!! Even if you do not have a skill or tool/software experience like Photoshop or Jira project management software: show your interviewer you are willing to learn that. This can help you get the job many times even when they thought you couldn't do it because don't have skill. Now you showed them you can because you're willing and open to learning opportunities.

3. Willing to go out of their way for others and manager to help out.

4. Understanding of new technology and keeping up with latest trends in marketing, finance, etc.

5. Willing to be a team player and willing to work with others despite team member's differences.

6. Show that you do not give up when the work objective or task gets tough! Show that you persevere during the large work loads.

7. Honesty. Show you are an honest worker and be truthful to other co-workers and your manager.

Parker recommends the following next steps:

Google ways to to improve going out of way for manager and other coworkers or teams you work with.
Practice not leaving right away when clock ticks time to leave.
Ask manager "Is there anything else I can assist you with today?"
Google latest trends for technology or whatever job industry you are interviewing. Mention that in interviews when they ask what you have been doing to learn about the company or this job position.
Be kind to others, honest, and be humble as you work. Humbleness goes a long way.
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Shiraz’s Answer

Excellent question, Kalaunie. I expect companies to look for qualities that resonate with their core values. You should be able to find these values called out on the website of most companies. If you don't then I would encourage you to inquire with a recruiter or company you are seeking an opportunity with. Most companies call out values around being connected, authentic, passionate, ethical, responsible, and so on though they can have slightly different interpretations depending on each company. It would be best to review these and reflect if they align with your values to determine if you would be a good fit. Additionally, it is best to understand expectations called out in job descriptions as these should articulate what companies require and what they deem nice to have. Hope this helps!
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Raina’s Answer

A better way to frame the question-what do companies (interviewer) look at while hiring

  1. You should be able to prove/tell them that you have the willingness to learn
  2. That you will be proactive
  3. Although you have no experience the field , your resume should speak out that you have gone out of your way to obtain knowledge in that field
  4. You should be a good team player
  5. You can also mention specific programs/initiative or products you like about the program. Also if you have researched about the company and in specific the role you are applying to that will showcase your passion.

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Cara’s Answer

When speaking with candidates, I always look for the qualities described above in other answers in addition to showcasing individual passions and curiosity. It's important that you're able to convey what you're passionate about as a person - whether it's the role you've applied for, the industry, an extra curricular activity, an experience you've had (ie traveling). This helps to showcase what sets you apart from others, and what makes you, you. Additionally, not being afraid to ask questions, or to not know the answer, is something I always look for when speaking to potential hires. This shows that you are interested in learning, growing, and aren't afraid to raise your hand when there is something you may not understand.
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Mark’s Answer

Here are the top characteristics/attributes that an employer looks for when hiring an external candidate:
- Relevant work experience and references
- Education level completed and associated certificates
- Work ethic and Proactive nature
- Team Player capabilities - Culture Fit
- Communication skills (written and verbal)
- Ability to be coached/developed
- Level of ethics/integrity
- Personality fit / emotional intelligence
- Mobility
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Brian’s Answer

There a lot of different quantitative skills that companies look for depending on the job/role that you are going for. For example, software companies might be looking for the ability to code in certain languages. However, companies from any industry look for many similar qualitative skills; such as, leadership, grit, being charismatic, problem-solving ability, being able to handle multiple tasks at once (time management), communication skills, and other qualities.
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Tracy’s Answer

Some of the best feedback I received early in my career (30 years now) is that we can teach you how to do the job, but we can't teach you to have a positive and curious attitude. This attitude has taken me to great success throughout the years. Find things to become involved in and find ways to contribute.
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Scott’s Answer

Values I look for:

-Be real, not what you think I want you to be. I can see right through it.
-Be forthright. I love candid, direct answers. Nobody is perfect, I am not seeking perfections
-Be a team player. Companies are made up of people. Our success will depend on how well we work together towards our common goals.
-Be an active listener. If I give you an assignment, I need to know you heard every word of the assignment. And, ask qualifying questions. That tells me you were listening.
-Be positive. Nobody wants to hire a downer. We have to see you and work together every day.
-Be honest with your skills. Don't oversell me. That will cause problems down the road for both of us.
-Read my body language. This will be a critical skill your whole career. Read the cues.
-Show discretion. Don't talk to much. Cover my question thoroughly but only talk as long as necessary.
-Finally, relax. We are not hiring robots. We are looking for a good fit for both of us. Be yourself, but professional.
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Arkadeep’s Answer

First of all thanks for your question!

The company mainly looks for below mentioned points in the person they are hiring , but it may vary according to job role.

++How honest the person is.
++How does he/she thinks on a given specific problem statement.
++How does he/she add some value to the team that he/she will be going to join.
++How competent he/she is on his/her own domain of knowledge.
++How confident he/she is with his/her answer.
++A decent communication skill is somewhere needed for any kind of job interview.

So, I could think about these points and there are many others skill sets and behavioural stuffs that should be followed.
Hope that helps!

Arkadeep recommends the following next steps:

Please check on web for further clarification :-)
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Audra’s Answer

Based on my experience working with employers for securing internships and jobs for students at Quinnipiac University, companies are looking for candidates who are curious, ambitious/hardworking, collaborative and kind. In my own work experience, I have found success from being a quick, enthusiastic learner, an innovator and an exceptional team player. In addition to my collaborating skills, I excel at working independently with minimal supervision, and employers need to know you can do both well. Also, possess an open and positive mindset and be adaptable to change. For more ideas on how to be successful in most companies, you could reach out to your target companies and ask employees or former employees or read reviews of the company online .

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Simeon’s Answer

Companies are looking for people that can learn on the job, get along with coworkers (even difficult ones), and handle stress well. Generally, a positive attitude will come across really well in any interview setting.
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Kayla’s Answer

Companies are looking for a person who is hard working, willing to learn, and has a good personality. Some great advice I once got was that grades are not always the best thing to focus on, that working hard is more important than always knowing the answer. If you are able to search for answers and work with a team to figure out solutions to your problems, then that will get you further!

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Haley’s Answer

Hi Kalaunie,

I think the two most important things in hiring is adaptable and growth oriented. Industry and technology is moving so fast these days we need people that are fast learners and can adapt to new situations, technologies, and problems. Having a growth mindset is related to being a learner because we need people that aren't just trying to improve problems in the business, but are interested in improving themselves too, so they can be ready to take on the challenges of the future we don't even know exist yet.