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What values does companies look for in a person they are hiring

Asked Pine Knot, Kentucky

2 answers

Audra’s Answer


Based on my experience working with employers for securing internships and jobs for students at Quinnipiac University, companies are looking for candidates who are curious, ambitious/hardworking, collaborative and kind. In my own work experience, I have found success from being a quick, enthusiastic learner, an innovator and an exceptional team player. In addition to my collaborating skills, I excel at working independently with minimal supervision, and employers need to know you can do both well. Also, possess an open and positive mindset and be adaptable to change. For more ideas on how to be successful in most companies, you could reach out to your target companies and ask employees or former employees or read reviews of the company online .

Connor’s Answer

Updated Montpelier, Vermont

Teamplayer, hardworking, and coachable. The best advice I ever received during the recruiting process was simple: your interviewer is trying to figure out if you are someone they would like to work with and spend most of their time around. It sounds obvious, but it is the most important aspect. Showcasing these values is one way to succeed in this aspect.

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