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What made you interested in choosing on being an Architectural Engineering Manager for your career choice?

Asked Ottumwa, Iowa

What made you choose your career path? Why? #engineering #career-choice

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Christine’s Answer

Updated Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

I'm going to answer this from an 'Engineering Manager' perspective :)

There are a multiple factors that could influence this choice in your future career. But I think it definitely comes down to experience, change and your interest in commercial acumen.

Experience & Change:

When you have worked in a technical/operational role for a significant time period and you're competent in your day-to-day work. You may naturally begin to to think outside the box and navigate towards strategy, business outcomes and thus shifting towards the 'management' type role. Being an Engineering Manager isn't made for everyone, but it is definitely an option for those looking to take more responsibilities over people/projects and for those who are a natural team player.

Commercial Acumen:

In my experience, I wasn't interested in being business savvy when I finished University! I just wanted to graduate as quickly as possible, and learn new skills in my new role to build my resume. However, the more experience I acquired, my awareness for commercial acumen had increased with my work maturity. In short, it might be something you pick up down the track of your career.

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