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I really like Biology, A&P, and math, but I don’t know a career that would fit me

Updated Anna, Texas

I am super people friendly love math, biology, and A&P. I want a career that is social with people but also involves math and is in health care. I don’t think there is anything out there that has all of three but I’m open to careers that close. I just want more options to look at other than being told nursing. #medical #science #math #career

3 answers

Igal’s Answer

Updated California, California

I've also always like math from a young age, and science. I majored in math and also took a lot of physics courses in college.

I think that a career involving math will depend on how far you go with the math. If it's as far as calculus, and you like interacting with people, then teaching is a great possibility.

If you take your math education even further, into higher math, you could open up various careers in science. Math touches on almost every science, especially the "hard" sciences, including biology. But there's also data science, biostatistics, and many career pathways in business (especially with an MBA). For the business careers especially, it helps to be a people person.

I would suggest that going to college and focusing on the subjects you are interested is a first step. You could declare a major, and possibly also a minor if that's available, in your 2 favorite subjects. College will give you the opportunity to really deepen your knowledge, and you'll have more time to consider a career. During that time, you might also discover careers that you didn't know about.

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Dennis’s Answer


The advice to take biology and math courses in college is a good one as it will expose you to more possible careers. Why nursing? Be a physician or a physician's assistant. Or get an M.D./Ph.D. clinical practice and research. Epidemiologist is a specialty that uses both math and biology and you can work with all kinds of people. Or consider a career in teaching math or biology.

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Bryce’s Answer

Updated Torrance, California

thats great that you know what subjects are of interest to you! If I were to add a bit of advice, I would say to take that passion for bio and math and study those subjects further in college, you will learn a lot more by delving into the field. After that, math might be well applied to being an actuary, which might be an interesting field for you!

Bryce recommends the following next steps:

  • Sign up for Math classes in college
  • Sign up for Biology classes in college