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What are good schools for engineering or architecture?

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3 answers

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Simon’s Answer

There are many good engineering and architecture schools. I would first start with the schools in your state to keep cost as low as possible. Out of state students get the same education as the in state student next to them. Search the schools and research the accreditation. Study hard in high school to make sure you will get accepted. Engineering is a great field of study. I loved being a department and project engineer for 35 years.

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Anshul’s Answer

There are tons of really good engineering school so like said by Simon start searching for in-state schools. First you probably need to start thinking what type of engineer interests you, the reason I say that is because a school good for Electrical Engineering may not be as good for Chemical engineering. You can find similar lists / ranking from other sources but I am providing a link from US news below. Many schools also provide scholarships so check that out also. Just always know that you are as good of an engineer as you want, a good school helps but you are ultimately the one who defines what that engineer inside you will achieve and innovate!


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Tim’s Answer

I agree with the prior answers from Simon and Anshul. I will take a minute to add a few more comments or thoughts.

Selecting a good school is important and there are many of them across the US and across the globe. I also like to advise people that the school needs to be a good fit for YOU. What do I mean by that? For the school to be a good fit, you need to be happy, energized, and excited to be there. There can me many factors that do that for you but make sure it feels like a "home" for you to enjoy and then you can excel in your engineering degree.

I would also advise you to make sure whatever school you go to, you start looking for internship opportunities as early in your studies and college career as possible. This will give you a better understanding of the industry and the jobs you would like to pursue.

I'm also providing a link to my story that is about 20 minutes. Take a look if you are interested.

Good luck.

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