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How to get into law school in Canada as European?

As I'm graduating high school in Poland I have a hard time to decide where or if even study law. Due to prior research, I decided on Canada(costs and quality). My questions are whether it's a good decision as I want to practice law more globally and do Canadian's schools accept bachelors from Europe and what to choose to study to be best-fitted candidate
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Sachin’s Answer

The most common option available to study law in Canada for international students is the Juris Doctor degree in Common Law. Quebec-based universities also offer the Bachelor of Law degree in Civil law, and six institutions offer combined studies in both. Most Canadian law schools do not allow entry directly from high school or your local equivalent and require at least two to four years of undergraduate study beforehand. There is often no specific requirement for a law-related undergraduate degree; you should simply undertake a course which you enjoy. Both Common and Civil law degrees take three years to complete. All law students must take the admission test. Which tests your analytical and logical thinking abilities. 

Source: https://www.iecabroad.com/where-to-study/study-in-canada/study-law/

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