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What does a typical day look like in the Business-Management field?

Asked Bridgeport, Connecticut

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Thomas’s Answer

Updated Plano, Texas

Hi Jessiah,

There are a lot of variations from company to company when it comes to business management so I will tell you a little about how a typical day goes for me. Typically each day has competing priorities and meetings so the day starts with reviewing your schedule and determining what you can actually accomplish. This will involve deciding which meetings you can skip, delegate to another employee, or reschedule. Once you have your meetings figured out, next is determining what you can accomplish with the time that is not scheduled with meetings. For me this involves working with my team to provide direction, answer questions, and reviewing production reports. In business management, quite a bit of your time is spent developing or executing on a pre-determined strategy. For me that means driving our performance metrics to exceed goals. You do that by making sure your employees, vendors, and colleagues are informed and working on value added activities. Approach each day by setting a goal on how you can add maximum value to your company. You will not be able to address everything needed each day so being efficient and setting priorities is the key to successful business management.

Cyndi’s Answer

Updated Potomac Falls, VA

as a business manager your days will likely involve managing people, interacting with customers, solving problems, and dealing with finances.

Ian (Carl)’s Answer

This can vary depending on the industry you are working in, but mostly consist of managing budgets and directing your staff to efficiently complete tasks. You will take a step back from actually performing the daily business operations tasks and manage human capital financial resources properly to meet company goals.

Thank you, I appreciate the help.

Doug’s Answer

Updated Dallas, Texas

my typical day is communicating with real estate agents and field service vendors to maintain and sell properties throughout the United States