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What can I do to play professional basketball after college?

I'm currently a senior in High school that really wants to know what steps I can accomplish to achieve my true goals of playing basketball at the professional level. I plan on playing basketball in college but freshmen don't get as much recognition. I would appreciate some advice on my dream goals. Thank you #basketball #professional-sports

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2 answers

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Sonya’s Answer

Continue with your plan to play as a freshmen and build your skills, master your game through the years and the recognition will come. Get involved in AAU Summer Legeau basketball to get gain additional exposure.

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Michele’s Answer

Without knowing your skill level and presuming that you truly love Basketball continue to do 3 things -practice, play and watch the game. Practice what? Ballhandling , dribbling and passing and more ballhandling . Every position on the court has to know how to dribble and dribble well- even if you a big man / post player. Don't know specific drills, get back to me and I will gladly upload a document to use as a guide - amazing basics that will take you places if you practice them correct and regularly.15-20 minutes a day.
Play, play, play- 1 vs 1, 3 vs 3 and some 5 vs.5 if you can.
Watch the game on tv and at playgrounds- especially the college level , not the Pro level so much. Don't know whAt to look for exactly when you watch in order to learn?? That's cool , no worries. Tell me what your position is and I'll give you a lens to look through and I'll give you general information to look at too !! Watching is a great visual tool if one knows what they are looking for in terms of skills, strategy , positioning ...
Looking forward to your feedback .