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How can a young actor start getting roles without much experience, or a full resume ?

Asked New York, New York

I'm asking this question because I am an actor. I do short films, and featured films. I read a lot of book and try to gain more knowledge. Now I want to know how to get further in the craft and do more things that will lead to my success. #director #film-acting #actors #producer

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Nicole’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

Living in New York, you have a lot of access to classes, and small independent theatre auditions. Not only will you gain experience through these, but you will also meet several other people in the industry. As they say, sometimes it's all about who you know!

There is no substitute for slugging it out and building your resume one credit at a time. Better roles come as you get better. Be patient with yourself and go audition for as much as you can and go get experience. It doesn't come with out logging the hours. Good luck and keep swinging.