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Alexis F. Mar 05, 2014

What are the first steps to become an actress?

I have always been curious about how one becomes a successful actor/actress. #acting...


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Amanda B. Mar 25, 2014

As a creative writer, what artistic classes should I take in order to heighten my perspective on creativity?

I want to double major in theater and creative writing, and I want to be sure about the classes I have to take so I don't lose any inspiration for my work. #art...


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Bob M. Jan 18, 2015

What do you get in life from acting

I am telling my parents i want to be an actor but they told me i need to tell them why or i need to choose a new career i can use anybodies help #career #school #acting...


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Joel O. Jan 30, 2015

what is the annual salary for a broadway performer

how much is given, is it a lot for expensive luxury #professor #singer #director #actors #broadway...


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Tyler D. Feb 04, 2015

Can i pursue multiple careers?

Hi growing up ive always had three passions. Science, Movies, and food. I was wondering if i could have three careers? I want to be a forensic pathologist. Which is a medical doctor who figures out the cause of death of a human by performing an autopsy. But i also want to direct movies and...

#forensics #chef #pathologist #director #doctor

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Aalayah N. Feb 26, 2015

How difficult was if for you to find an acting job out of hghschool/college?

I am a junior in high school and am considering majoring in theater. As much as i would like to do this I still would like to weigh out all of the pros and cons. I would like to know how long or difficult it was for you to find a job as either an actor for the big screen or live stage theater....

#dance #film-acting #actor #theatre #college

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Neville W. Mar 17, 2015

What should I focus on in order to become a actor?

I am a senior in high school and in a few months I’ll be off to college, but I want some advice and guidelines to follow when going in. I've known for a while now that, I want to be an actor, but I feel like I lack the proper skills necessary to be an actor. I've always told myself, that I...

#acting #college-major #college #theatre

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Shonnelia S. Apr 06, 2015

What majors/colleges are associated with performing arts ?

I'm a 10th grader at Boston Collegiate Charter School, because of my love for singing, dancing, performing/ acting I wanted to know what colleges or majors are associated with this. #singer #actors #performing-arts #dancers...


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Mikayla L. Apr 09, 2015

How can I succeed in musical theater?

I have been in plays since the age of 10 and can't imagine myself doing anything else in life. My love for musical theater makes me believe that it is my only option for a...

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Sofia T. Jun 03, 2015

What are some good audition tips?

I have auditioned for lots of plays, but they're all for children's theatre. I'm scared that when I audition for actual theatre, I'll freeze up and make myself look like an idiot. Do any actors/actresses have any good tips to help with preparation, nerves, and presentation? #acting #theatre...

#musical-theatre #broadway

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Christopher G. Jun 24, 2015

How much does youtube pay?

I wanna make some videos with my friends to entertain peers. #youtube #comedy...


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Peyton F. Oct 28, 2015

What is more profered and gets more money actors or movie director

I love these things and my name is Peyton...


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Trinity W. Nov 17, 2015

What do you practice on to become better actor?

I am in 6th grad and I am in acting and I have a play coming up that is why iam asking this ?ton...


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Peyton F. Dec 09, 2015

What are the best colleges for acting and directing movies?

Hi my name is Peyton and I really want to be a director I love to tell stories!!! #acting #director...


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Justis S. Mar 01, 2016

How can a young actor start getting roles without much experience, or a full resume ?

I'm asking this question because I am an actor. I do short films, and featured films. I read a lot of book and try to gain more knowledge. Now I want to know how to get further in the craft and do more things that will lead to my success. #director #film-acting #actors...