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How many competitions does a Badminton player play in a year?

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Kartik’s Answer

For individual tournaments:

  1. Olympics - once every 4 years,
  2. Dubai Super Series Masters Final - once every year in the end of the year, where only 8 of the strongest players that year competing. This is the most competitive badminton competition to qualify to and win.
  3. World Championship and All England - these two are on similar prestige and difficulty level.

Below these four, the ordering in terms of difficulty / prestige:

  1. Premier Super Series tournaments: China, Denmark, Indonesia, Malaysia Open
  2. Super Series tournaments
  3. Grand Prix Gold tournaments
  4. Grand Prix tournaments
  5. International Series

There are non-BWF tournaments like PBL in India, CBSL in China, but these still tend to be more local in prestige.

For team events, Olympics and Thomas / Uber Cup are also quite high-prestige.

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Sharool’s Answer

The BWF regularly organises seven major international badminton events and one event for para-badminton: Olympic Games in co-operation with International Olympic Committee. World Championships. World Junior Championships.