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What type of practice would we need to have before becoming a Criminal Justice Lawyer that can go to court?

Asked Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I am trying to figure out what type of practice do you do before you go to court and before you represent someone in court. #law #lawyer #criminal-justice #attorney

2 answers

Paul V.’s Answer

Updated Tampa, Florida

Maybe earn a Bachelor's degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Law Enforcement Administration,Military Studies or Social and Criminal Justice. Graduate from law school and do as many clinics and moot court opportunities as you can, pass at least one bar examination then maybe go to work for the state attorney's or public defender's office. Later you can go out on your own or join another law firm.

Thanks for the great advice. I am sure to look more into it. It is definitely something I want to do!

Rachael’s Answer

Updated San Francisco, California

Karen, law school is not like undergrad where you can pick a major like criminal justice and graduate with that specific degree. Upon graduating from law school, you receive a Juris Doctorate. After passing the Bar exam, you are a licensed attorney and authorized to practice law. You can now represent someone in court; limitations apply to certain family law cases and courthouses where more training/certification are required. If you want to be a Criminal lawyer, any undergrad degree is acceptable to gain admission into law schools. In your third year of law school, focus on internship in Criminal law by working with an experienced criminal attorney, working in the DA's office, or taking electives in that practice area. All the best!

Thank you for the advice and the great information. I was not aware about these things.