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How much money do you make per week for nursing in all total?

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Misty’s Answer

The type of money you make in the nursing field really just depends on the type of nursing you are doing. For example, if you are a traveling nurse you are going to make more than someone who is in a county hospital or a Dr.'s office. Also, the type of education you have can also play a factor in the type of money you make as well.

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Paula’s Answer

That's a hard one to answer but I can tell you this... when I graduated we were all pushed to go work in a hospital. I think we all thought that's where the money was and we were completely oblivious that there were even any other options. I can tell you that here in Tennessee working in the hospital was my lowest paying job. You can always find different jobs and, just to be honest, much less mentally and physically straining jobs, and make a lot more money. One perk to working at the hospital though is you only have to work 3, 12 hour shifts a week most of the time.