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I am in high school which subjects do i take up for journalism

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I need all the subjects i have to take up e.g english #school

3 answers

Jess’s Answer


Hi there - the more writing courses you can take the better! If there are any research focused courses that would also be helpful.

Journalism is all about researching the facts, and writing concisely from an objective point of view about a topic/event.

Melisa’s Answer


Hello Sinethemba,

Great question and I agree with Misty and Jess. Writing and communications classes will be very valuable if you are interested in journalism. I took a college level journalism course myself and it offered me the opportunity to practice interview skills, gathering and forming a story and even learn more about social media trends in journalism.

Check out helpful websites, like the Associated Press at https://www.ap.org/en-us/.

The AP stylebook and resources available help with understanding consistencies in journalism and writing.

Also, as a way to continue increasing your vocabulary, consider apps and games that can introduce you to new words in fun ways, like “Wordscapes.”

Melisa recommends the following next steps:

  • Seek out a mentor or individual in a journalism or communications career that interests you and learn more about their job.
  • Check out the Associated Press at https://www.ap.org/en-us/
  • Practice, practice and more PRACTICE! Practice by writing papers or stories and ask others for feedback. Bookmark or keep copies of stories you’ve read and find helpful and interesting.

Misty’s Answer


Great question.

I would definitely suggest a lot of both writing as well as English classes. I would also suggest that if you are looking to go into a specific type of journalism, that you could take a college class or even a high school class on the topic for example; if you are looking to go into art journalism, take an art class, if you are looking to go into political journalism then a political science or government class will provide you with an insight to the topic. This along with the writing classes would make you better apt to be able to write on the topics you are pursuing.

Hope this helps.