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Is there a difference between going to school for public health vs. going to school for medicine?

Im a sophomore in high school wanting to become either an OBGYN or a Neonatal nurse, however im curious about what it means to study public health. Would that mean a person who teaches others about health? #doctor #health #school #studies

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2 answers

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Raul’s Answer

Yes, public health is all about communication strategies and education campaigns to educate others about health (mostly in the area of prevention). Public health is mostly concerned with behavior change --mobilizing people to adopt healthy behavior practices... As such it's a pretty challenging task --but it's wonderful. One thing you'll learn if you decide to go for a public health career is social science research because public health professional conduct lots of research to make sure their interventions are culturally appropriate and also to measure the impact of their programs. There is a lot of excitement in this field right now too because new technologies (internet, mobile apps) provide new opportunities for innovative public health interventions that are more participatory, engaging and need driven.

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Blake’s Answer

Hey Deja,

Public health is more about health of more than one individual and medicine usually refers to a singular individual. This could be applied by trying to prevent the spread of a disease vs. curing one individual of a disease.