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What are the benefits and disadvantages of being in a band?

I'm interested in being in a rock band, but when you're in a band you have to work as a team, instead of competing, what is it like. I'm senior in high school in the Bronx. This is something I want to be part time because I want to be an entrepreneur. I've been in a band before, and I play guitar. music arts entertainment band

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3 answers

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Jen’s Answer

Best of the Village

Hi! I was in a band throughout college, and was in a different band part-time when I taught elementary school. You're right - being in a band is all about being a team player. I've seen many bands fall apart because of one person having a big ego. However, it's a really rewarding experience if you're willing to put in the work. Having lots of rehearsals are hard and time-consuming. Being on the road for a tour is not glamorous - you don't eat well, you don't sleep well, and it's easy to have a short temper because you're around the same people all the time.

That being said, the feeling of being on a stage and playing your part, knowing that it sound really, really good, is a feeling that I wouldn't trade for anything. So, I would recommend playing part-time - if you're interested in being an entrepreneur, definitely go to business school while you're working on your music on the side. That way, if being in a band isn't what you were hoping for, you always have a back-up plan. Plus, one thing about playing in a band is that you can't do it forever. Indie rockers in their 40s always seem washed up. You still want to have a life after you'd had your rock career.


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Havilah’s Answer

The good news is that being in a band and being an entrepreneur require similar traits, especially if you're the leader of the band. If you decide to be in a band, you'll likely gain:

  1. Leadership -- collaborating with others to create music requires skills to voice your opinion, take constructive feedback and learn how to evolve with a team

  2. Creativity -- it's one thing to be born with musical talent, but another to develop it -- the process of turning an idea into something tangible that your band then performs will grow your ability to develop creative ideas into something bigger

  3. Emotional IQ - the more you perform, the more you learn about yourself.. doing this with a band tends to increase the learnings.. about yourself and other people. Growing your emotional IQ increases your ability to connect with people

  4. Organization - nothing ramps up your organizational skills like being in a band, if you do it right. You have to hold regular practices, book ongoing shows, maintain social media accounts and your website to connect with fans, ensure you have all the details for your gigs,.. and somehow still create time to create new music (if you write your own songs).

As you can see, all of the above traits would equally benefit being an entrepreneur so it's a win-win if you truly have a passion for music and being in a band. Good luck! :) Havilah Tower

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Rachel’s Answer

I didn't know there were any disadvantages to being in a band.

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