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What inspired you to go into the trade you are in?

Asked Limestone, Maine

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G. Mark’s Answer


Many years ago, we had a visitor to my science class in grade school. He did some demonstrations of physics and such. He told us that his job was being a scientist at Bell Labs and that he was encouraged and rewarded for creating inventions and getting patents. I was completely enthralled with the idea. Being paid to think? To come up with new ways of doing things? This seemed like a made-up job. In very, very early classes in grade school, I was shown films of the Bell Science Series. Hemo the Magnificent. Our Mr. Sun. These were just fantastic. There was this old professor guy and a younger guy who was supposed to be a reporter, I guess. The guy playing the reporter was familiar to me as having been in some very cool science fiction movies before. In any event, that stuck with me and much later in life, I always wanted to get copies of those films to show my daughter. Those science films stuck in my mind when I saw that mysterious visitor for the mythical Bell Labs. Much later I was in college and eventually got an interview with Bell Labs. These days, after many projects and inventions and patents, I never, ever regretting that decision to take their offer. Plus, they paid me to get my graduate degree. So PR efforts and happy employees do make a difference for companies.

Omar’s Answer

Updated Ismailia, Ismailia Governorate, Egypt

It was just a pure coincidental. after graduation, finishing my military service. I was really trying to get my dream job. after many unsuccessful attempts I've joined hospitality industry and my story began