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Did you have a mentor growing up who helped you get to where you are in finance? How did you find your mentor? Should I have more than one?

Asked New York, New York

I find investment management really interesting, but sometimes this stuff is over my head. I talk with my accounting teacher about the stock market and investment strategies, but sometimes there are things he doesn't know. #finance #financial-services #investment-management

4 answers

Caroline’s Answer

Updated Oakland, California

Hi Karen, it's great that you are proactively thinking about this! I would recommend having mutiple mentors because eveyone has their own perspecitve. Also, it is similar to dating where you have to find a relationship where both parties are comfortable. Besides looking to your expierenced co-workers, I would look to LinkedIn and reach out to alumni. Also, explore professional associations to help find a mentor in your finance interest because finance is very broad. Hope this helps!

Matthew’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

Hi Karen J. Great question! Throughout my career, I have had a few mentors who gave me great advice and guidance. Finding a mentor might be easier than you think! When you start a new job, try to find someone who you feel goes above and beyond in their role. You can then concentrate on building a relationship with them and simply ask them if they would be open for you to come to them for advice occasionally. Additionally, many firms offer a formal mentoring program for newer employees. As you progress in your career, these relationships will continue to grow and you can reach out to them when you need guidance. This is how I found my first mentor who I still keep in touch with to this day.

Having more than one mentor is a great idea. Everyone will have a different opinions, styles and approaches to each decision you are considering. By consulting with more than one mentor you can receive a range of advice and ideas.

There are a lot of complexities to finance. That is one of the most interesting parts of this field! You will be constantly learning and building your investment knowledge.

Melida’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas
Karan: Investment Management/Banking is definitely interesting! As for your question of should you have more than one mentor, my answer is DEFINITELY!!! Different people excel at different things, so their know how and experience is different which would definitely benefit you. My mentor was my previous boss at Bank of America, she opened my eyes with her style of management and continued to introduce me to different mentors who were strong in other aspects of the business, so I was able to use all the knowledge of several mentors. You are definitely headed in the right direction, not too many people are open minded enough to look for help that will help them advance themselves... so KUDO"s to you! Hope this helps and the best of luck to you in your future endeavors.. Kindest Regards, Melida Alaniz

Kevin’s Answer

Updated Dallas, Texas
Hi Karan, First of all, congratulations for being ahead of the curve. Many folks don't think about proactively developing mentor relationships until later in their career. To your question, more than one mentor? absolutely! Personally, I've had a variety of individuals through out my career play that role. In some cases it was a boss, in others it was a family friend, in one it was someone I reached out to via LinkedIn. Just start reaching out to people to chat about Investment Management and take the opportunity to learn. One activity you could do is simply brainstorm all the indiviudals that you could possibly reach out to and go for volume not quality. Good luck!