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Are there opportunities for a 16 year in the police field like internships or jobs

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#internship #police #law-enforcement even something as simple as like maybe organizing papers or helping plan any events the police have

2 answers

Caine’s Answer


Hi! You might want to check out the Police Explorers in or near your area.

Here is a link to get you started: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_Enforcement_Exploring

Thank you so much i checked out the website it was very helpful :) Khailea F.

Kim’s Answer


I could not find a police explorers program in your city. You may want to check other nearby cities. You may want to get involved in anything else the Quincy PD offers, such as the self-defense classes. Perhaps they would let you help with their programs, such as the making beds for kids, DARE, bike safety, Coffee with Cops, etc. On some of these programs I saw email addresses for the officers assigned to the programs. I would recommend emailing these officers directly, to see what they recommend. Even though these are not the types of things you are asking about, once you start being around the officers, you will find other things to do with them.

I recommend checking the Quincy PD website for further info. Sorry not of more help!