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What's a typical day like for Journeyman Carpenters?

I'm considering becoming one and would like to know what day-to-day life is like. #carpentry #construction #typical-day

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2 answers

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Thomas’s Answer

You start off as an apprentice carpenter first and don’t move up in seniority for years. You learn various skill sets until you can do them all and teach other apprentices.

Journeymen are assigned various tasks. Layout, framing, roofing, sheetrock, wood trim, hanging doors and windows, preparing sub-frames, building stairs, tile work, installing kitchen cabinets, exterior siding, plywood or OSB sheathing, working on ladders and scaffolds. Using hand and power tools.

With lots of cleanup carrying and Hauling duties as well. You will also be the Gopher for your seniority coworkers. Paul Andersen

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Richard’s Answer

Learning the trade of the day. You will be a gopher for the lead carpenter but will learn job of the day. Remember to pay attendance being the carpenter is on a time preference to complete.