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How competitive is the homeland security industry?

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2 answers

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Jackson’s Answer

Taneka: Now is a great time to get into the Cybersecurity field. According to CyberSeek.org, there are total of 300K+ cybersecurity job openings in the U.S. California needs a lot of cybersecurity engineer, analyst, architect, administrator, etc... However, you do need to know your cybersecurity stuff. The really good part is that you don't need a college degree. Many employers are seeking candidates with cybersecurity certificates such as CompTIA Security, Certified Information Privacy Professional, Certified Information Systems Security Professional, etc...

Jackson recommends the following next steps:

Check out CyberSeek.org to learn about the job opportunities, career pathways, and requirements
Think thru if you want to get a college degree in cybersecurity or a certificate.
Study hard, join the work force, and protect our nation against cyber attacks.

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Kevin’s Answer

Hi, competitive in what sense? it's a very wide industry and many subsections. Experience and knowledge in many subjects (people, languages, technologies, development, testing) are just some of the key element. Also "alternative" or thinking outside the box with new ideas and approaches is a good thing.

I can talk about the "global" cybersecurity industry... essentially there are not enough people applying,

Essentially the better the grades and experience (specialist or generalist) you have will open more choice you likely have. Typically, training and development programs will be provided to develop your interests and specialist areas (some you will not have even thought of!).

Kevin recommends the following next steps:

Get the best grades you can....in a wide variety of core subjects and well as some other specific areas such as "photography & image processing" or languages. crosswords and puzzles.