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What type of jobs should I be pursuing?

I have a bachelors degree in both Marketing and Finance. In May, I will be graduating with my MBA but I'm still not positive on what career to focus on. #finance #marketing #career

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5 answers

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Rod’s Answer

Finance and marketing are an interesting combination. When you think of why you chose them, does that help you decide where to focus? Perhaps not, and perhaps you have moved on. Don't be too concerned about trying something and moving if it isn't for you.

If you want to combine the two then you could explore the area of media buying.

If you want to keep the marketing option open, then it is probably better to focus on commercial rather than financial sector roles.

How important is money to you? Generally, a finance role will be better paid, particularly at the beginning of a career. It is also worth noting that it is probably easier to move from finance to marketing is you decide to change later because you will probably have developed more transferable skills.

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Simeon’s Answer

You'd be best advised by looking at how the working conditions are in different industries and see which ones you prefer. Generally speaking, each city has a different industry that it has many companies representing. Here in Houston, we have a lot of companies related to energy and hospitals/medicine. Keep an eye on the job boards for who is hiring and try investigate which companies have the best benefits. Even if multiple businesses offer similar starting salaries, you might find some of them that have better benefits. For some job ideas, you could look at being a loan officer for a credit union. I've found that smaller institutions like credit unions give you both the opportunity to move up quicker while also building lots of great bonds with your co-workers. You'll move up much quicker than if you work at a traditional bank. For marketing, there are a lot of companies that will let you work at home, such as if you were a UX Design person.

Hi Simeon! Thanks for posting - would you be able to address the student’s question a bit more directly by talking more about how those working conditions may vary in the student’s chosen field (finance/marketing)? I think the student would find some specific examples of potential careers super helpful! Thanks :) Alexandra Carpenter

Howdy Alexandra! Thanks for the tips. I've added some more detail about some jobs she could consider relating to finance and marketing. Simeon Snow

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Crystal’s Answer


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Theresa’s Answer

Have you considered insurance sales? Employee Benefits, in particular, is a great industry to get into. You can work for a carrier or at a broker's office. If you like the numbers side...underwriting and actuaries. If you like the relationship side...sales and account management. This is an industry with a lot of growth and income potential. And there is always great need for good people!

Theresa recommends the following next steps:

Look into getting licensed

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Larry’s Answer

If you are choosing between a career in marketing or finance I think assessing the strength and passion of your personality would be important. If you are outgoing and creative go with marketing, if you feel more strongly about crunching numbers and dealing with money (and probably making more) go with finance.
You could certainly combine the 2. Budgeting and planning are an important part of marketing, so you could look for work in the finance department of a large marketing firm, and then see if you can get involved on the creative side.
By the same token, financial firms do plenty of marketing and you could get a job in the marketing department of a financial firm.
When you are unsure about a career path, choosing a smaller firm where they need people to perform a wider variety of tasks is always a good way to go.