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As Chefs, what challenges do you have?

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Dada’s Answer

Restaurant managers/Chefs must ensure successful operations of the restaurant while taking care of its purpose and reputation. It’s a must to maintain the high standards of food, safety, health and service. A restaurant manager needs to work as an intermediate between food service staff, diners and the chefs of every kitchen station. Restaurant managers key role is to manage the restaurant to function smoothly regardless of demand vice versa.

Major challenges in the restaurant field is that more diners are aware how processed foods can lead to various health problems. The human body has been slow to adapt to processed food, and this leaves many dining establishments in a precarious position. In order to keep sales high, restaurants need to cater to clients who are demanding fresh food that is prepared with local ingredients. Currently, many of the diners have more choices than ever, from bakeries that produce fresh breads & keep tab of gluten free to cafes that depend on local organic produce to make their dishes.

When you come across any specialist chef in mind, then approach him/her in all professional ethics to acquire and find out how he/she handles all management tasks efficiently and hold expertise in respective domain. This way, you can achieve specialization in your daily task and grow at steady rate. By practicing harder with willingness to learn something new every day, you can perform your job well and obtain treasuring experience no matter how many challenges you come across.

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Sarah’s Answer

Chefs and cooks in restaurants generally have a few challenges that are specifically relating to the schedule of their job. The schedule is usually long days with few breaks and late nights, this has a pretty severe impact on their social life as well as maintaining a relationship with a partner.

Another big challenge is the drug and alcohol culture in kitchens, this is very prevalent across most kitchens, you should really be comfortable and confident in your ability to say no to peer pressure in this aspect so that you can stay healthy and aware of your work.

The pressure to go to culinary school is also a big challenge. I would suggest not going to culinary school and instead just start cooking in your kitchen and learning as much as you can at home, then look into a stage interview at a wide variety of restaurants in your area.

Sarah recommends the following next steps:

Learn basic skills in a home kitchen
Stage in a restaurant