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What are employes looking for auto mechanic?

I study in job corps and create this questions for you thanks #engineering

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2 answers

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Danny’s Answer

I am not an auto mechanic by profession, but I have worked on my cars and motorcycles for the past 37 years. You will need good hands-on skills, critical thinking when troubleshooting failures, ability to quickly read and absorb maintenance manuals. Knowledge in using various troubleshooting tools. But, basically you need to be good with your hands and tools.

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Chassica’s Answer

Hello! The first thing employers are looking for in a mechanic is experience. The experience can come from either working on your own car or family car; Experience can also come via working at a shop and fixing actual customers vehicles. Yet another form of experience can come from working under the tutelage of a mentor or person with a lot of experience and the ability to train.

From an attitude standpoint, many employees also consider attitude. If you walk in with the right attitude, that helps an employer want to hire you.

Last, there is training you can take. If you have graduated successfully from a mechanic-specific program, that is highly recommended. Here is the link to one highly recommended mechanic school: Universal Technical Institute: Automotive Mechanic school (www.start.uti.edu).

Check it out and best wishes!!!