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Which is better, Civil Engineering or Architectural Engineering?

Asked Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

For someone who has a great interest in art, physics, and math.
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David G.’s Answer


My brother entered university intending to study Architectural Engineering, but instead got a degree in Mechanical Engineering based on advice from a faculty mentor. He was told that in Mechanical Engineering he could, if he chose, concentrate on the same kinds of topics that he would study in Architectural Engineering, but could broaden his studies to other areas if he preferred, and possibly find other topics that were of more interest as a career path.

I suspect there is a similar relationship between Civil and Architectural Engineering - Architectural Engineering will likely be a more focused discipline, while Civil Engineering will give an opportunity to broaden your studies. Which is "better" is purely a matter of personal preference - if you want to go deep into structural engineering and similar topics and are certain that's the course you want to pursue, Architectural Engineering is likely "better"; if you want a broader foundation of knowledge and skills that could be used for a variety of pursuits, then Civil or Mechanical Engineering could be "better".