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Do i need to take calculus in high school to take pre vet courses in college and to be a veterinarian?

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2 answers

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Elizabeth’s Answer

In general, calculus in high school is a great idea.

Most veterinary colleges want to see a strong background in math & sciences. To know if it is a specific requirement, you might have to do a little work. You can find good information about pre-vet preparation at the AAVMC website (Association of American Veterinary Colleges) under the tab for student applicants. From there, you could look at the course catalog for the undergrad institutions you are considering applying to. If that college requires calculus for some of their math classes, it should be indicated. You could also take calculus in college.

Short answer: you’ll need some math and statistics. If you don’t take calculus in high school, you could take it in college.

Elizabeth recommends the following next steps:

Check student resources at the AAVMC website

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Donielle’s Answer

Depending on what school you attend if they offer a pre-calculus or calculus class that would be great to take as veterinary programs requires students to take a course in calculus.