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Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
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Brianna’s Avatar
Brianna Aug 16, 2019 1932 views

Do i need to take calculus in high school to take pre vet courses in college and to be a veterinarian?

#veterinary-medicine #veterinarian #animal-health

Gabriella’s Avatar
Gabriella Oct 08, 2021 568 views

What skills are good for being a veterinarian?

I want to become a veterinarian and I was wondering the different skills you need to have ?#veterinarian #animal-health

Perla’s Avatar
Perla Oct 26, 2021 393 views

Any times you felt like becoming a vet was becoming difficult for you?

#veterinary #animal-health #veterinary-technician #veterinary-medicine

Hazel’s Avatar
Hazel Nov 15, 2019 1181 views

How old do i have to be to be a vet?

I dont want to be really old #veterinarian