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What's the best college to become a vet?

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3 answers

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Tania’s Answer

When you ask what college should you go to, do you mean which vet school or what college/university should you go to prior to vet school?

To complete your requirements for entrance into vet school you will need to attend a 4-yr college or university. This institution DOES NOT need to be a university that has a vet school. You could start your college education at a community college and then transfer to a 4-year university/college or go straight to university/college right after high school.

Also, you DO NOT need to get your bachelor's degree in animal science, though many people do choose to do so. What to study for your bachelor's might depend on what kind of practice you want to do as a veterinarian. If you want to work with cows, poultry, or horses, animal science would be a good major. If you are interested in research and lab animals (primates, rodents, fish), then maybe look for colleges with strong programs in biology, genetics, or comparative physiology. If you want to work with exotic animals or wildlife, you may want a college with a good ecology program. Pre-vet is not really a major, it is a collection of courses that allows you to satisfy the requirements for vet school admissions. Each vet school has slightly different requirements, so you would have to have an idea of which school(s) you will want to attend ( You can complete any major while completing pre-vet studies.

As far a veterinary school is concerned, the school that is best for you may not be the "Best Vet School" in the nation. Getting into veterinary school is very competitive, most vet schools only accept 10% of the students that apply to them. Also, there are only about 32 veterinary schools in North American (some of the schools are in Canada and the Caribbean). So, the best vet school for you may be the one you can get into. You must also consider the cost. It looks like you are in Georgia, the University of Georgia has a great vet school and since you are a resident of the state, your tuition to attend UGA will be less than if you were to go to a vet school in another state.

As Miko and James point out, there is a listing of the best vet schools-- the University of California, Davis, Cornell, and Colorado State have been at the top of the list for decades These are great schools, they are also expensive and truly any accredited vet school will get you to your goal. If you are feeling adventuresome you can even go to London or Glasgow Scotland in the UK!!
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James’s Answer

Here is a link that lists the best colleges in 2021 to be a vet:,Wisconsin%20School%20of%20Veterinary.%20...%20More%20items...
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Miko’s Answer

Its funny you ask this question. I was online looking for another vet for my dog because of his allergies. I am not in the Vet field but this list of Vet colleges was advertising. Good luck to you.