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What do architects do? Are they similar to interior designers?

Asked Tampa, Florida

2 answers

Jeremy’s Answer

Updated Fishers, Indiana

Architects design the building, interior architecture and coordinate with other trades. They can do the shell building, interior layouts and sometimes select finishes. Interior designers stick with interior design including the space plans, finishes, sometimes wayfinding, branding, furniture fit and finish. As an architect, you need to be an expert on building codes, know your zoning regulations and how to manage a team of consultants (engineers and interior designers).

Betsy’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

architects design the building itself, they follow the local building codes and zoning laws to craft the building to the owners specifications. They can be creative as to what the outside of the building looks like or possibly the shape and design of the rooms but they do not put the finishing decorative touches, that's what an interior designer does.