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What steps should I take if I want to be a criminal intelligence analyst?

I am currently a sophomore in university pursuing a sociology major.
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2 answers

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Brittney’s Answer

Hi K K - Joshua provided some good recommendations with volunteer options and building a network. In addition, it is important to see what other opportunities may be available to help you reach the experience requirements. One piece of advice would be to look at your ideal career job and look into the requirements and qualifications and grab a few others to see what type of experience these roles are looking for. Once you have the qualifications, you can start to look into applying specific courses, volunteer work, part-time work and see how you can meet the requirements. The other important step is to build a network with students and professionals. Student groups can be helpful to see local opportunities and to learn their experience and network as you all continue to complete school and begin careers. Keep up the hard work!

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Joshua’s Answer

My niece completed her undergraduate degree in criminal justice. Throughout her 4 year journey she volunteered with different government institutions and each summer worked at an intern at Georgia Bureau of Investigation as well as a Technical Insights research analyst. She is now a graduate student and is working full time at the sheriff's department as a evidence custodian and as a graduate assistant to her professors. I would recommend getting as much experience and building a network of people that can speak to your skill set along the way. Best of luck to you!