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I want to be a Criminal Intelligence Analyst.



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K K. Jul 23 121 views

How do you become closer to your professor?

A lot of people advise getting closer to your professor better because they can help in many different ways in the future- whether it be recommendations or possible internship opportunities. What are some ways to become closer? I seem to have difficulty finding topics to talk about with them...

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K K. Jul 23 142 views

Are criminal justice classes similar to criminology?

I am interested in becoming a criminal intelligence analyst and currently, I am a sociology major. My university does not offer criminology as a major and so there are not many classes related to the subject. However, there are criminal justice classes. Would taking criminal justice classes be...

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K K. Aug 20, 2019 137 views
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K K. Jul 10, 2019 126 views

As a criminologist what do you do?

I will be a rising sophomore and majoring in sociology. I have an interest in criminology and have been doing research into the career. However, I'm not sure what I want to do so I would like to hear from a professional's point of view what an everyday life of a criminologist looks like. Thanks...

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