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Hanan M. Aug 15, 2019 192 views

Any advice on how to pick a major/minor?

I want to become a doctor in the future, so I've heard that the best thing to do is major in biology/sciences, however, if I were to choose to major in something like english instead, how much would that impact my future career/education/graduate school experience? Also, what are your general...

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K K. Aug 20, 2019 135 views
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Daniel L. May 09 299 views

As am undergrad, I feel the tension between covering breadth and specializing. What are some ways to manage this? :)

Hey there! Daniel here! The fundamental #value of my life is being im service to others. I am interested on working with families, the incarcerated and communities. I also have a keen interest in organizational structure and efficiency. My hope is to make work spaces more empathetic while...

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