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What are the Pro's and Con's of being a Pharmacy Technician ?

I am attending trade school and I picked Pharmacy Technician as my trade because I love working in the medical field. I have a passion for helping people and I enjoy what I do. #pharmacy #pharmacist #medicine #healthcare

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2 answers

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Kayleen’s Answer

I worked as a Licensed Pharmacy Technician for 17 years and I loved it! Learning hundreds of medications, how they work in the body, all of the long crazy names of the drugs and the attention to detail it requires! Mostly I liked helping the customers, providing excellent service.

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Mohd’s Answer

Hi Jasmine,

Thank you for your question. I have made a list below (not exhaustive) for you from what I could think of


1. You get to work in an actual pharmacy setting which allows you to directly interact with the patients and learn several aspects of working in a pharmacy
2. It provides hands-on experience that will assist you in making a decision whether you want to be a pharmacist or not.
3. You gain basic knowledge of medicines and how they work in the body. This can also help you personally.
4. You make money while learning.
5. It helps you connect with the pharmacy world and several pharmacists that you would be working with. You will need a letter of recommendation from them when you apply for pharmacy school.

1. Could be exhaustive sometimes
2. May come odd working hours
2. Sometimes does not pay much what it is worth for

Hope it helps!