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How many years does it take to become a Registered Nurse?

Asked Boston, Massachusetts

I would like to become a nurse when i graduate highschool. I would like to know how many years in college it takes to become a nurse. #registered-nurses #lpn

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Marla’s Answer

Updated Houston, Texas

There are two year programs that allow you to get your associate and become a registered nurse. Normally nurses who become nurse supervisors get a bachelors in nursing. Getting a two year registered nursing degree is a good option that allows you to work and pay for your bachelors. My niece is pursuing a nursing degree and I have a few friends that are nurses.

I would also add that you keep in mind that in the near future it will be required for you to have your bachelors degree in order to get your RN. Maine and New Hampshire are already in discussions about implementing the change and as I understand it, MA is wanting to follow suite.