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What is a typical day look like you?

I am a student in Training for Culinary Arts wanting to further my experience in Culinary .

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3 answers

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Leme’s Answer

When I worked in culinary, my day started out with prepping everything I needed for service. From chopping and prepping all materials and raw ingredients for meal service, to make sure all my equipment and tools I need are working properly for example shape knives, gas burners are working, detergent in the dishwashers, cold storage within range, raw ingredients all ordered etc. I also have meetings with my teams and communicate with them about the plans for meal services, if there are any concerns and making sure my team is ready for service as I am.

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Ruben’s Answer

Along with being on your feet for long periods of times high stress sharp knives hot work environment but under a good chef you will also find it to be a place of laughter and friendship .

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Dada’s Answer

Chefs job is to cook dishes according to the menu or as requested by guests, always maintaining a quality level that meets the standards of the establishment and the Head Chef; Using kitchen utensils, tools, and cooking methods proficiently. First thing a chef needs is to be able to do set kitchen station clean as they begin working & being a chef in kitchen is to multi-task or, in other words, do multiple people’s jobs all at once.
Mostly you end up with11-12 hours long Shifts.
As you keep exploring more into this part of culinary world - there are millions of smiles & Appreciation that comes from your Guests/Customers , that slight pat on the shoulder from your peers , not to forget the wide variety of cuisines you ponder upon is never ending.
Chef spends long hours standing and working with sharp knives, hot pans, and open flames simultaneously maintaining a positive and professional environment with staff members as chefs will mostly end up working minimum of 10-11 hours making the kitchen functioning smoothly.

Good Luck Alissa !