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What would be a reasonable salary range to expect ? What is the long term potential ?

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2 answers

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Ken’s Answer

For financial planning, it would depend on what role in the industry you would be entering.  If asking specifically about being a financial planner working with clients, this is more of a commission based business.  Some firms may offer a salary in exchange for less compensation, or start someone with a salary that may phase out once they are established with a book of business. I would say the range is too wide to define.

For nursing, it mainly depends on the region, shifts, experience, and educational background.  There are nurses earning $20/hour and some $80/hour, depending on the above factors.

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Jay’s Answer

Lyric, I have been in the financial advice giving business for 20 years as a Certified Financial Planner. There are two categories of earners in the financial planning world: those who bring in new clients, and those in the back office who do a lot of the paperwork to service those new clients. The people who bring in new clients are in sales.... and the income level can be very high- well over $250k. However, it can take 10 years of work to build up to high income. However, those who are not bringing in new clients seldom make over $100k.... they start in the $60k range is my best guess if they have the right education or experience.

But apart from the income, please keep in mind that working with people to help them live their dreams is a wonderful way to spend your professional life. People are just so thankful to have an advocate they they know is looking out for them.