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Could you describe a regular work day for a computer engineer?

I'm from Brennan HS and thinking about going into computer engineering. #computer-engineer #computer-science

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2 answers

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Mohit’s Answer

There are different types of job one can do as a Computer Engineer some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Customer Support - These are the engineers who talk to you over the phone when you call for the support with any products.
  2. Field Support - These are the engineers who provide you support in person at a store like Best Buy / Walmart with your Hardware or they can be even scheduled for an onsite visit at your home or office based on your contract with them / company.
  3. Hardware Consultants - These are the engineers who generally work for designing and / or building a Data Center or a part of it, they are generally hired by the companies when they are setting a new location, upgrading or migrating from old technologies to new ones.
  4. Research & Development - These are the engineers who designs a product from core or enhances the design of a product, they do not interact with the customers most of the times directly.
  5. Software Developers - These are the engineers who make software products to help us with our day to day life.
  6. Testers & QA- These engineers test a product before its release to the end user to check the functionality and Quality
  7. Sales - These are the engineers who engage with the customer and understand their business requirement and help them choose the right product for their business.

I have worked as Customer Support as well as Hardware Consultant in my career.

All these roles have different job responsibilities and differ from each other.

Once you start studying the subject you will be able to select what would you like to deep dive into once your course is completed and make a selection appropriately.

I hope I have been able to answer your query, based on my personal experience.

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Piyush’s Answer

For me, it starts with the following:

  1. Morning: Goto office, checking emails, checking messages and making sure I am updated on the latest events happening in my team. After that, I start working on Stories. Stores are tasks that add values to the company, it could be adding a new feature, fixing a bug or exploring some topic.
  2. Afternoon: We have lunch with our teammates and chat about everything under the sun
  3. Eve: We generally try to finish as much as possible before we call it a day. If I am unable to finish all the things today, I will write down what I have to do and continue tomorrow