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If you could start all over, would you still become a social worker?

2 answers

Somraj’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

The most important need prior to being a social worker is the intent to be of service to the community . Given an opportunity , i would like to start as a social worker . Its a great way to touch lives of many people who are less fortunate , in many cases does not have access to basic necessities of life .

Thanks and God bless.

Aimee’s Answer

Updated Kunkletown, Pennsylvania

Having a degree in Social Work has given me to opportunity to work as a professional in many different occupations. Over the course of 30+ years, i have worked with children, families, elderly, mental health and insurance. A social work degree has given me different levels of experience and I have held many different jobs, one leading into other and promoting myself with the experience i gain from each one. I would not have made another decision, a social work degree is a degree that will give you many opportunities; it is how you want to pursue your future and the use of the degree.