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What are the best/worst parts of being a social worker/ psychologist?

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3 answers

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Dr. Rodney E.’s Answer

The best part of being a social worker or psychologist is interacting with all of the various clients and being a part of a clinical team. Helping people to get to a "state of better" is always rewarding. There will be many challenging days when you feel like the work you did was all for nothing. Then, there are days when you feel rewarded and optimistic. The worst part perhaps is all of the paperwork and dealing with insurance company regulations.

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Angela’s Answer

Hi Samuel:

The best things about being a social worker for me:

  • Working in team with other professionals to meet the needs of youth and families
  • Interacting with diverse people daily and learning from them
  • Having positive impact with community challenges in my own neighborhood/city

The worst parts:

  • Lacking enough resources (funding and staffing) to meet all of the community need
  • Usually behind in technology to make many of the processes more effective and efficient
  • May have to work through a fair amount of red tape or bureaucracy to get anything done.

Hope this helps,


Angela recommends the following next steps:

Find one or two social workers in your community and see if you can schedule an informational interview or shadow them at work for a few hours to gain some first hand info. Social workers work in lots of different settings and population so pick social workers that are working with population or in a setting you are interested in such as youth in foster care or juvenile hall, older adults in a senior center or assisted living or patients in a hospital setting, etc.

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LaToya’s Answer

On my opinion, the best thing about being a social worker is the impact that we can make in the lives of the people and the communities that we serve. I think the worst thing about being a social worker can be how we are utilized in our role and advocating for better pay. In my early years as a social worker, I encountered feelings of being burned out and wage concerns in comparison to my job role and responsibilities. I have learned to better advocate for myself in my role which has made a great difference.