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What kinds of clubs are available on college campuses?

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2 answers

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Tazy’s Answer

Most of the colleges features an array of clubs and chapters which offer you a life beyond academics.All clubs and chapters provide a recreational space to explore creativity, make new friendships, engage in collaborative work, relax, and socialise. Various club activities eventually lead you to develop a crucial skillset comprising team-work, leadership, and event management. Colleges offer variety of club such as technical, artistic, music, dance, social clubs, research-oriented ,public speaking etc. It all depends on what you are interested in and you can pursue the relevant club.

Tazy recommends the following next steps:

Most of the college websites provide information about the clubs available. Try researching about the college and reach to alumni members to get more idea about clubs for a specific college

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Ralph’s Answer

Most colleges and universities offer a large range of clubs, service organizations and volunteer groups. Some, based on high commitment of time, often come with tuition reimbursement.

When I was in college, I was fortunate to serve as the editor of my college yearbook for two years. Since this role involved a great deal of hours of time and basically running a small business, the school refunded my tuition. It was a great learning opportunity for me, gave me real-world, practical information and was also financially rewarding.

My advice would be to join a few clubs that match your needs and gradually start to specialize into those that will help you learn new skills, network and prepare for the career path that you desire.