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For Mechanical Engineers in the Robotics Field: What companies should I target my goals toward?

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3 answers

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Tom’s Answer

Hi Matthew,
Its a great choice to consider a career in Robotics as its an area of interest for a lot of companies now, which will only increase in the future.
There are a number of companies that specialize in robotics but I would also ask you to think about what you might like the robots that you design to do as most Tech companies are developing this area of their business.
For example, I work as an engineer in a Medical Device company and we are investing a lot of money in that area. We are trying to develop robots that would help doctors during tough surgical cases but we are also developing robots to speed up certain areas of production and also do things that would be difficult/dangerous for humans to do.
I'm not sure if this answers your question but I hope it gives you a little more to think about.
Best of luck,

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Omar’s Answer

Hi Matthew, I'm really excited about your passion asking more thoughtful questions toward collecting the required information to get a better view about your career path.

you can find here the top 10 companies spent on Robotics industry:


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Dipen’s Answer

Hi Omar,

You can look into Medical device companies that provides Robotic surgery equipment. This is a new growing filed and will have a lot of growth in coming future.

Good Luck,
Dipen Patel