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For Mechanical Engineers in the Robotics Field: What developments could affect my future opportunities within this field?

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3 answers

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Leslie’s Answer

Hi Matthew! Another area that might be worth you keeping an eye on is the medical device industry. There is a lot of focus on robotics in this area, and there is always a need for engineers to help support and develop new platforms and products. I only see this continuing to grow with the ongoing need to shift site of care to less invasive/less interaction opportunities with the current global pandemic.
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Thejas’s Answer

As a Mechanical Engineer graduate, Automation (Robotics) and AI are the most sort out field one would select.

For your question of What developments could affect my future opportunities within Robotics field?

The requirements solely depend on the field what you work on. Keeping yourself updated on the latest Industry standard can up your game.
Regarding future opportunities, the one thing that always comes to my mind is AI.
Implementation of AI is seen in almost every industry cell phones, automobiles..
There are various driving force namely programming language, tools that are set within the organization.
And growth within the organization depends on your performance, taking up new challenges and obviously the network that you build which can greatly help in your growth.

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Naomi’s Answer

Developments than can affect your future opportunities include variety of programming and code software changes, and global industry needs and demands. I highly recommend to invest in understand the why and process of "Design Thinking" to allow yourself to think, make, and design more creatively when solving for a problem or working through a strategy.

Also, strong communication and collaboration skills are so important and essential to tell/explain and showcase your story through a variety of mediums to meet endusers needs and understanding of why when making your pitch in the field of robotics.