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Why do you like being a lawyer and was it all worth it to be a lawyer

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3 answers

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Alexandra’s Answer

Hi Armando,

I like being a lawyer very much for 2 reasons. First, I like being a lawyer because every day brings new intellectual challenges. Second, but not less important , I like it because I feel that I am making a difference in the life of my clients. I am helping them not simply follow the law, but also make the right decisions.

As you probably know, there are many areas of law practice: from criminal and divorce law to tax law or environmental law. I would suggest to you that you meet some people who have worked or currently work in as many of those areas as possible. Each of them will have different, but valuable, things to say about why it is all worth it.

Good luck to you!

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Fiona’s Answer

Law school and the first 6-8 years of your career will generally be very hard work. For the first six years of my career I was hardly ever home before mid night. It is tough because the learning curve in many areas is often very steep. But it does get much better after that and it is simply a stage that most lawyers have to go through. I have been practicing as a banking and finance lawyer for over 10 years now. Despite the stress and terrible hours (generally at the beginning of your career), i do think it is worth it.

There are many many different areas of law and they are vastly different. It is important to understand yourself, what your interests, strengths and weaknesses are such that you can determine which area of law is suitable for you. This is an important foundation for your career as you would not want to waste too many years doing something you hate or you are not suited to.

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Hi, it is not easy to make a decision of what you like and what not if you have not tried it first. So my suggestion is hat you find a lawfirm where to work for 3 or 4 weeks, doing anything, and during that time, ask many questions and observe what people do, their dynamics etc. then also try to speak to as many lawyers as you can to learn from them.

All the best.