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How common would it be that a college graduate would get a job in the busines feild?

After college will try to be an government contractor college job career job-search

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4 answers

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Yumi’s Answer

Getting a job in business field after college is very common. If you have business related degree, it would become much more common. Look for companies that are looking to hire graduates with your field of study. Even if your degree is not a business degree, many companies have different units that need divers field of knowledge these days and that could be a good opportunity for you. Hope this helps
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Keith’s Answer

Frankly, the world revolves around college educated people finding jobs. You simply need the piece of paper (diploma/degree) to gain access to opportunities that would ordinarily out of reach without it. Business is general enough to be broadly applicable in most any role. To be a government contractor, many find success after an honorable military career. Although not always a requirement, it does differentiate you from others. Good luck.
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Glendon’s Answer

I see it as being quite common. Primarily my own career so far has been split between three large multi national companies that all had graduate programs. There are also always entry level roles that will get you into a company and once you can show that you can perform and hit your goals, there will nearly always be room for you to grow within the company.

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Cynthia’s Answer

Hi Kiana!

There are many possibilities for a career with a bachelors degree! For government careers, you may want to consider an internship. It would be very helpful to know what area of government you are interested in?