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Maeve K.’s Avatar
Maeve K. Apr 29, 2014 857 views

Is it possible to study abroad during the summer?

I'm not sure if I want to study abroad during the school year. Are there colleges that offer study abroad programs in the summer or during school breaks like winter break? travel study-abroad...


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lavanya D. May 23, 2016 698 views
Sabia K.’s Avatar
Sabia K. Jan 17, 2018 651 views

Which Business field of study is best suited to cover the Business Career?

When it comes to taking classes in the Business field, I struggle to figure out which is best to cover all the business majors such as Entrepreneur, Marketing, Administrator, or Accounting? business entrepreneurship marketing administration...


Zaida W.’s Avatar
Zaida W. Aug 05, 2019 470 views

When I do not meet all the requirements for a job, should I still see if it is possible for me to get that job?

I am an artist and I'd rather not work a job that keeps me grounded. I want to go places, meet creative people and do something I love. job career art job-search...


Saurav K.’s Avatar
Saurav K. Feb 22, 2021 3124 views
Taryn H.’s Avatar
Taryn H. Apr 08, 2021 238 views

What is a good starting position for someone interested in cooking?

I have been in cooking club and cooking class so I have some knowledge of cooking and it sparked a interest in maybe having a cooking job. But as someone whom is uncomfortable with the idea of college. I don’t know a job that is a good starting point for a cooking career career cooking...


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Piyush B. Apr 20, 2021 154 views

what to do after stream is commerce

i like to is their any career opportunities to help me to travel career career-counseling...


Chris Q.’s Avatar
Chris Q. Apr 22, 2021 244 views

What should you do first while attending college for your career path?

After graduating high school, I'm going to City College as a good start for my career. But what should do first when you get to career college?...