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Ashley H.

San Francisco, CA
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Ashley’s Career Goals

My career goal is to work and study under digital/media arts, where I get to design and illustrate my own works.



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Ashley H. Nov 02 92 views
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Ashley H. Apr 17 162 views

What is it like to study abroad in Japan?

I hope to travel and study abroad in Japan in the future for animating purposes and would like to know what I should expect and how to prepare. japan...


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Ashley H. Apr 16 151 views

What's the journey of most digital artists like?

I've participated and developed in a lot of art growing up and have finally began illustrating digitally recently. I find it enjoying and challenging but I have never exactly heard about what kind of steps people take to go in deeper depths within the career and how. What is the general...

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Ashley H. Apr 13 168 views

Should I go to a community college or university?

I've taken a lot of art classes in school but I'm not set on what kind of career I want to pursue and still want time to try other activities within the field. I'm wondering what kind of school is best for me while I'm figuring out what I want to do exactly. I do well in my classes, I don't try...

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