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What are positives in becoming a Psychologist?

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2 answers

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Denise’s Answer

Respect. There are many great therapists out there. Many of them have Masters degrees, but some people want "the best" so they seek out people with doctorates. I have a full thriving private practice (thankfully). I've known several colleagues who struggle with that because there are a lot more people with their Masters than their Doctorates. You also get to do whatever you choose... assessments, therapy, consultation, more opportunities to work at universities, etc.

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Brenda D.’s Answer

I agree with Denise's answer. The primary for me would be that you get to help others go through whatever challenges they face in life. The second one is that you get to become more aware of your own challenges and might be able to see the world different for yourself and your loved ones. A third one for me would be that Psychology can have many applications and fields or work. You can be a psychologist working in the corporate world interviewing people or designing Career plans. You can be a psychologist with your own private practice offering therapy to patients, or working for a company that offers this service to employees of a corporation or a hospital. You can be a psychologist in Education and be a teacher, an occupational therapist, speech therapist, work with elderly, special needs children, etc. You can be a psychologist and work in the government, FBI, CIA, jail system, etc.

It is a rewarding career and one not recommended for the faint-hearted I think. In many ways you carry your patients/clients life on your shoulders and it can be daunting for some.

Brenda D. recommends the following next steps:

Narrow your interest in psychology...what field? what application?
Shadow someone already working on that field for a dew days.